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Your Career/Business dreams may just be a recurring thought up to this point in your life. However, by entering a dream in this category and reviewing it regularly you'll begin to see yourself working in your new role, changing industries like you've always wanted to, expanding your business, etc.
An education dream can be something as simple as reading a particular book that may have a great impact on your life, learning a new language or continuing your formal education. Whatever your education dream is today you can be assured it’s a worthwhile one and one that’s within your grasp!
Do you have dreams for how you can play a bigger role in the lives of others in your life? Dreams such as a relationship that needs to be rekindled or renewed, spending more quality time with your spouse or kids, taking a needed family vacation or just spending more time as a family?
Most people don’t have any trouble dreaming big financial dreams. In this category select your biggest financial desires and wishes in terms of improving your financial situation. No financial dream is too big as money can do great things when handled in the right way.
How’s your health? Does it need some improvement or does it just need to be maintained? How about bad habits? Do you have any you’d like to rid yourself of this year? Start today by admitting the vices you’re facing and seek a personal support team with whom you can share your struggles with and learn from.
What experiences or adventures do wish to encounter during your lifetime? What would you really like to do? Where would you like to visit? Who would you like to meet? These are the questions you need to ask yourself in this category. Without a list how could you remember to do them all?
Serving others has been a long-standing commandment for each of us who grace this wonderful planet. In this Public Service category we’d like to ask, “What would you like to do to give back to the community, church, social group, etc. during your lifetime?”
Each of us can benefit from growing this part of our lives and achieving a better understanding of what part it plays in our life. What questions do you need to get answers to today? Would you like to find your purpose in life?

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